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email marketing

In our opinion, Email marketing is the most vital marketing channel – period. Why are we so passionate about email marketing? Because it is the cheapest, most effective channel that helps businesses communicate directly to their customers and subscribers about their products or services.

The largest retailers in the United States, such as Amazon, Walmart and Target, send billions of emails to their email subscriber list each year, and the ROI on revenue generated from these email deployments is unmatched by any other marketing channel. Retailers know this, and the consumer’s inbox becomes a warzone during the holiday season when consumers are most likely to buy from them (ie: Black Friday).

Not only is email marketing effective at generating income from external stakeholders, but it can be an effective way to communicate important information internally. The most common way businesses get started with email marketing is by finding a platform to send your emails from. Successful marketers send emails in bulk, beautifully designed deployments that are segmented and sometimes autonomous (ie: drip email campaigns). To execute these deployments, we need to look beyond our typical form of email communication.

Email Service Providers (ESPs), are software companies that specialize in sending bulk email deployments for businesses. Prices and pricing models vary by company, but are often based on an estimation of how many emails you plan on sending, combined with the number of email addresses you expect to send per email. Commonly, these companies charge a monthly rate, but if you don’t have a developed email marketing cadence, you can also purchase a fixed number of “sends” (the total number of email addresses you project to communicate with over any period of time).

To get started, here are some fairly inexpensive Email Service Provider (ESP) suggestions to help get you started. We recommend reaching out to them via phone and having a dialogue about their pricing options, as well as which may be ideal for your company:

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